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Cougar Crew is headed to WIRAs

By: Ryan Mather-Haaland and Tabitha Wheeler

This weekend Cougar Crew will compete at WIRAS. This is one of the biggest races of the year, since it involves teams from all across the west coast. 

The varsity men are looking forward to another chance to race. They haven't been satisfied with the results so far, so this will give them another chance to show what they've got. John Dorscher said that "As a senior and this being one of my last few races I hope to put down some great times with the V8 and make other crews scared that they are racing us." The rest of the athletes are just as ready. The varsity will be racing two 8s, a V8 and a JV8. They are also racing a double. 

The novice are definitely excited for the racing season to reach its peak. Zeke Nelson said that "It is a race we have been told to prepare for since the first week of joining crew. Every one of us has had it on our minds with every practice, every race. Everyone in the boat is  determined to pull up to that start line, take one look at all the fast boats around us, and then keep them in our sights all the way through the finish line. We are ready, we have worked hard, we are hungry." The novice have shown how fast they are at Stanford and San Diego, and they have only gained more speed after those races. The novice will race a 1N8, a 2N8, and a 1N4. 

Arthur Ericsson said "This race is a well deserved highlight to all of those who have put in the hard work and stuck it out.  Coming off the Stanford Invitational our 1N8 is in a strong position to medal.  The 2N8 (silver 2015) has the right ingredients to be equally competitive.  They are somewhat untested and they'll need to be ready for the heats on Saturday."

Race times for Saturday are as follows. The 1V8 will race at 2:30. The JV8 will race at 12:40. The 1N8 will race at 12:00. The 2N8 will race at 9:50. The 1N4 will race at 8:30. 

The Lightweight Women’s 8+ will be racing in the Women’s D2/D3 Club heats Saturday at 2 p.m. in lane 4. Our women will race against WWU-lane 1, PLU-lane 2, L&C-lane 3, and SON-lane 5. The finals for the women’s 8+ are Sunday between 11:50 a.m. and 12:10 p.m.

The Lightweight Women’s A and B 2xs are racing Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Lanes are as follows, WSU A, LBS, CHICO, UCSB, CAL, PLU, and WSU B.

The Lightweight Women’s 4+ is racing Sunday at 9:50 a.m., lane 3, against CAL-lane 1, LBS-lane 2, and CHICO-lane 4.


Varsity (from cox to bow):
c. Alyssa Kodama

John Dorscher
Michael Sheremet
Michael Marelli
Ryan Krastins
Zach Morgan
Donovan Labriola
August Boyle
Josh Benson

c. Melissa Arneson

Jake Brisson
Rynn McGinnis
Griffin Berger
Matt Elliott
Jayson Beech
Ryan Gehring
Ryan Haaland
Alex Ashton

Patrick Abercrombie
Ryan Haaland

Novice (from bow to cox):

Zeke Nelson
Nate Endebrock
Noah Brandt
Kris Lange
Sean Cornia
Tanner Olson
Sam Callan
Devon McCornack

c. Raquel Guerra-Lewis

Jacob Anderson
Kurin Pandher
Alec Palander
Kyle North
Ben Jakeman
Nathaniel Herrera
Blake Bryson
Brennan Jordan

c. Ridge Peterson

Jakob Gilmartin
Kurin Pandher
Tarren McDaniel
Jacob Herman

c. Hilary Zuniga

Lightweight women (from bow to cox):  

Hannah Wilson
Teresa Nguyen
Ashley Vu
Allison Thomas
Simone Parker
Alyx Powell
Tabitha Wheeler
Rachel Crowther

c.   Sidney Cross

Ashley Vu
Simone Parker
Katie Fowler
Rachel Crowther

c.   Grace Montgomery

Sidney Cross
Hannah Wilson

Tabitha Wheeler
Alyx Powell

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