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Cougars Race Hard to End Season

By: Ryan Mather-Haaland


On Saturday morning, the Cougars raced Gonzaga on our home course. There was a tailwind all the way down the course, which helped speed the boats along.

The 1V8 rowed hard to hold off Gonzaga throughout the race, but unfortunately Gonzaga was still able to pass them at the end.  The V8 rowed their fastest time of the season, coming in at 15:47, 22 seconds behind Gonzaga. Michael Marelli said “We raced hard and stayed on pace with them for most of the race, but in the end Gonzaga showed up as the faster crew. I look forward to racing them again come spring.”

The 2V8 also lost to Gonzaga. They held off Gonzaga for the first half of the race, but Gonzaga started walking through them during the second half. The 2V8 pushed it and didn’t allow Gonzaga to pass them, and only lost by 11 seconds.

The 1N8 put up a good fight against Gonzaga as well. They pulled their first race under 17 minutes, coming in at 16:58. Even though this was the best they raced all season, they still came in behind Gonzaga’s novice.

The 2N8 had a tougher race than the 1N8. Right off of the starting line, they caught two crabs. They pulled it together to finish the race, but lost to Gonzaga by 1:39.

The 3N8 was the first time the novice raced a lightweight boat. They came in last, 3 minutes behind Gonzaga's 2N8. Even though they were behind, they were very pleased with the race. Stroke seat Jacob Anderson said “The Novice lightweight boat pulled their weight. There was not one man in their who wasn't stroking down the snake with everything they had. Expect to see us after winter stronger than ever before.”

Head coach Arthur thinks that the novice have had a great fall. He said "I am happy with the effort and the improvement made each week and each race.  And I'm also pleased that we have more than three 8's of dedicated novice; depth in numbers and teamwork." He is excited to see what the novice will be able to do in the spring.

This was the team’s last race before winter. Over the next several months, they will train indoors. The next race is the annual erg dual against Gonzaga.

Results can be viewed here



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