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If you have further questions or interested in joining, please contact the club at devon.mccornack@wsu.edu


Do I have to have previous rowing experience to join Cougar Crew?

No experience is necessary to be a part of Cougar Crew, and we encourage walk-ons with a competitive attitude and hard work ethic to try out. 

Do I have to row on the Novice team if I already have previous experience?

Not necessarily. This is left up to the discretion of the Head Coach and Novice Assistant Coach. 

Does Men's Crew accept lightweight rowers and what weight determines "lightweight"?

Of course we accept lightweight rowers!  This is a special weight class where no rower competing in that event is over 160 pounds for the men and 130 pounds for the women. Cougar Crew has a strong and growing lightweight program that encourages all that are of this weight class to join.  We prefer to call a rower a lightweight when his healthy, natural weight hovers around 160 pounds or below for men and 130 pounds and below for women. If weight is above this range, he/she will be recruited as an open- or heavyweight rower.

How can I join Cougar Crew?

Fill out the Cougar Crew Recruitment Form. Click Here

How much does it cost?

Dues are about $300 for the first semester and $150 for the second semester of the year. Dues are collected to help support the team for some of the travel expenses as well as other basic, but necessary expenses. It is well worth the cost especially considering the amount other club teams charge.  We've heard of dues for other club teams being in the ball park of about $500 per semester!  Unfortunately, dues cannot cover all the team's expenses and you may be asked later in the year to help with travel expenses. These costs, however, are drastically reduced from what they could be (due, in major part, to the collection of dues) and are dependent on the number of participants going on the trip.

What is a coxswain and who do we recruit as coxswains?

The coxswain is a very important and special position in a boat.  If the rowers are the muscles (or engine) of the boat, the coxswain is the captain (or driver) of the boat.  He or she is in charge of the boat and the boat's crew. We train our coxswains to be team leaders and to steer, motivate, and direct the boat. The coxswain wears a microphone to communicate to the rowers commands and encouragement. He or she has a responsibility to steer the fastest course during a race while keeping the rowers and all those around safe.

We look for our coxswains to be lightweight, between 115 to 145 pounds for the men's team and from 100 to 120 for the women's team, and generally short in stature. The ability to direct and motivate people is a plus, but is not required for we do teach our coxswains everything they need to know.




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