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WSU Cricket Club Constitution

Article I. Name

  • The official name of the club is the Washington State University Cricket Club (WSUCC)

Article II. Purpose

  • The purpose of the WSUCC is to provide WSU students with the opportunity to gain instruction in the sport of cricket and participate in the sport of cricket in a competitive environment. A broader purpose is to introduce and spread the game of cricket in the Inland North West.

Article III. Membership

  • As per the Sports Club Federation Handbook (SCF), full membership in WSUCC is open to all currently enrolled WSU students and WSU faculty, or Staff. In order to be fully recognized, each individual must meet the following requirements:
  • Fill out and submit the Sport Club Risk and Release form
  • Pay annual membership dues.
  • Assist in all fundraising activities as directed by the officer in charge of fundraising;
  • Attend all mandatory club practices and meetings and at least half of the voluntary practices;
  • Represent the WSUCC, University Recreation, and Washington State University in the best possible light at all times;
  • Treat all equipment and facilities with utmost care.
  • Recognized full members of WSUCC also have the right to:
  • Call a whole club meeting if there an issue present that they feel needs to be addressed and affects at least half of WSUCC members;
  • Request a meeting with WSUCC officers;
  • Add an item to the meeting agenda;
  • Review WSUCC's financial activity.
  • As a recognized full member of WSUCC, each individual will receive privileges such as:
  • An equal vote on all WSUCC issues;
  • The use of WSUCC and UREC-purchased equipment during clubsponsored activities and practices;
  • Access to WSU facilities during club-sponsored activities and practices;
  • Opportunities to travel to both regional and national competitions;
  • Intense practice and an opportunity to play in competitive league games.
  • Members of WSUCC are required to represent the WSUCC during the NWCL championship and other competitive games. When the WSUCC team is required to lend a WSUCC player as a substitute fielder to the opposing team as per the NWCL by-law, section 4, members of the WSUCC management team (Captain, V. Captain and the Selection Committee) will decide which WSUCC player will be lent to the opposing team.
  • Members of WSUCC are not allowed to play for other teams as a full player without prior permission from members of the WSUCC management team. If a WSUCC member is allowed to represent another competitive team as a full player during the NWCL championship/competitive games, he will not be a part of the pool of WSUCC members from which the final 11 is selected for the WSUCC team. Due to lack of sufficient time before competitive games, practice sessions in preparation for NWCL/competitive games will focus entirely on the pool of WSUCC members who are committed/dedicated/available to represent WSUCC.
  • WSU Alumni or spouse/partners of current WSU Students/Faculty/Staff are eligible to be associate members of WSUCC provided:
  • The WSUCC Executive Board writes a petition to the Sport Club Coordinator as per the Sport Club Federation Guidelines;
  • The petition is approved by the Sport Club Administration Staff;
  • The alumni or spouse/partner fills out and submits the Sport Club Risk and Release Form;
  • Present Alumni Cougar Card prior to each practice or game;
  • Fulfills all other obligations required by WSUCC full members.
  • Exceptions will only be made for WSU Alumni and Spouse/Partners of current WSU Students/Faculty/Staff based on these requirements:
  • The club can demonstrate a necessity of involvement of those individuals to keep the club operational and in good standing. Thus, associate members can only be selected for a competitive league game when a sufficient number of current WSU students/faculty/staff is not available. When such situation arises, WSUCC must petition to SCF coordinator for their participation prior to each game.
  • As per SCF Handbook, exceptions will not be made for WSU Alumni and Spouse/Partners of current WSU Students/Faculty/Staff based on these examples:
  • Participant would give club a competitive advantage
  • Associate members have the right to:
  • Request a meeting with the WSUCC Executive Board.
  • An associate member cannot vote on club issues. However, an associate member will receive following privileges:
  • The use of WSUCC and UREC-purchased equipment during clubsponsored activities and practices;
  • Access to WSU facilities during club-sponsored activities and practices;
  • Opportunities to travel to both regional and national competitions if a full team cannot be compiled using WSU students or faculty/staff; o Intense instruction and practice in the game of cricket.

Article IV. General Guidelines for Submitting Complaints to WSUCC

1. Recognized full members of WSUCC have the right to call a whole club meeting if there an issue present that they feel needs to be addressed, and if it affects at least half of the WSUCC members.

2. Recognized full members of WSUCC have the right to consult or lodge a complaint to the executive committee of WSUCC, provided the complaint includes any allegations properly supported by some form of proof. If any individual writes a complaint based on innuendos, personal grudges or if the complaint includes foul language, or if the complaint falsely accuses the committee members of playing dirty politics, the complaint will be ignored.

3. The executive committee expects that no one in the WSUCC will ever resort to mass emailing about a complaint they have or to express their grievances against the club or some club members. If any member resorts to mass email, he will be promptly removed from the WSUCC email contact list. Likewise, if any member responds to such unpleasant mass emails, he will also be removed from the WSUCC email contact list. Their email contact address will be reinstated once the concerned member submits an apology to the executive committee. The mass email will be only sent by committee members.

4. All members are encouraged to participate in annual meetings where important decisions are made. If, for some valid reason, a member cannot attend, he may submit his concerns/ideas to one of the executive committee members attending the meeting. The executive committee member will then present the concerns/ideas of the absent member to the WSUCC members attending the meeting. If any member fails to attend or fails to write his concerns to the committee members, the member has no right to complain about the outcome of the meeting afterwards.

Article V. Officers

  • The policies, procedures and information presented in the Sports Club Federation Handbook will be used in managing the WSU Cricket Club and are vital to the club's operation as they fit within the structure. It is imperative that WSUCC Executive Board and members understand the information provided in the Sports Club Federation Handbook
  • The following offices will be represented on the WSUCC Executive Board:




  • To be eligible to hold office, individuals must have been an active club member for at least one academic semester and must be a current WSU student.
  • Nominations and elections for officers will occur at a club meeting at the beginning of each spring semester through secret ballot. Club members must be present to vote or be elected.
  • Each position's term is one academic year, starting from the election in the beginning of the Spring Semester to the end of the following Fall Semester.
  • If there is an opening for any position on the Executive Board, nominations and elections will be held at the next scheduled club meeting following the vacancy of office or in a special meeting called by the Executive Board.
  • The duties of the officers will be as follows:

The President

  • The president shall be the chief executive officer;
  • The president shall define the agenda for each meeting;
  • The president, with approval of the Executive Board, shall direct the budget;
  • The president will direct the nomination and election procedure for all vacancies in offices;
  • The president shall be the parliamentarian for the organization;
  • The president will keep and have available current copies of the constitution and bylaws;
  • The president will be responsible for scheduling facilities for practices, meetings, games, etc.;

The Treasurer

  • The treasure shall keep a current record of all financial transactions;
  • The treasurer shall develop quarterly reports containing a list of all receipts and disbursements and distribute them among the members;
  • The treasurer will be responsible for checking the accuracy of all bills and invoices and paying them correctly and on time;
  • The treasurer, under the direction of the Executive Board, will be responsible for ordering equipment and suppliers through the Sports Club Coordinator of WSU;
  • The treasurer will perform other duties as directed by the President.

The Secretary

  • The secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all club meetings and the meetings of the Executive Board;
  • The secretary will provide a copy of the minutes to each officer and keep a master file;
  • The secretary shall maintain a complete and accurate account of attendance and membership status;
  • The secretary will perform other duties as directed by the president;

Article VI. Meetings/Practices

  • Bi-Weekly practice will be held from middle or beginning of April to the end of September. Practices usually are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • A schedule of practices will be sent to each member via email at regular intervals.
  • All members must present a valid WSU ID card before each practice or game.
  • Community members may not practice, scrimmage, train, or participate in competitions with the team. One-time scrimmage with a full community team must be planned well in advance to allow WSUCC to petition to SCF coordinator for their participation prior to the game.

Article VII. Guidelines for Team Selection

The selection committee comprises Captain, V. Captain and Coach. In case, there is a dispute among 3 of the regular selection committee members, the adhoc members of the selection committee will be duly consulted. The ad-hoc members are the President and the Treasurer. When ad-hoc members are consulted, the final outcome will be purely based on the majority decision. The selection committee will take into consideration all of the important points listed below before a team is selected for a competitive game:

1. Commitment and dedication to WSUCC: The WSUCC is a voluntary club, which is run with the help and devotion of many players. Without the participation of many players, it will be hard to run this club. No single member of WSUCC can claim that he is committed/dedicated to the club just by playing whenever it is convenient to him. It should be obvious to anyone in a voluntary organization, such as ours, that commitment and dedication includes participation in club activities, such as helping in practice sessions, cleaning up after practices and games, bringing water to players, taking care of cricket gear, knocking cricket bats, renting cars for travel, driving to Seattle/Portland, cooking food once in a year if necessary, helping the captain in certain activities, helping the treasurer by submitting dues on time or helping the treasurer whenever he needs it.

2. Team balance: A good cricket team always requires proper balance. Thus, most of the time, the team will consist of several players who are considered to be the backbone of the team. However, these members will be expected to assist the club in whatever capacity they can at all time. Please bear in mind that no member will ever be overwhelmed with duties that they cannot perform.

3. Rotation of players: The WSUCC is a recreational club. This means that there are several players who participate in our club activities purely for recreational purposes. They are just as important to the club as any other senior player. One of the major goals of the selection committee is to ensure that all club members will get a chance to practice, learn, play, and participate in competitive games.

4. Travel to Seattle/Portland: One issue that is really disconcerting to the selection committee is that some players choose not to go to Seattle/Portland to play an away game. When you travel to Seattle/Portland to play an away game, you lose sleep and you spend more money. Obviously, it is much more convenient to play home games in Pullman or an away game in Spokane. If some players are allowed to play only in Pullman and Spokane, it is unfair to those who sacrifice their time and money to go Seattle. In order to be fair to those who are willing go the extra mile for WSUCC, the selection committee has decided that the members who travel to Seattle for an away game will be given the first choice when the team is selected for a home game in Pullman.

5. General Behavior: Also, players and executive members are expected to exercise mutual respect towards each other and express their concerns without using foul languages that may upset individual or whole team. Not adhering to the standard behavior practices will work against the selection of player/s in the playing eleven.

Article VIII. Funds

  • All funds must be handled using specific procedures and policies that are established by the State of Washington. Finances will receive close scrutiny by WSU Sport Club Coordinators and university auditors.
  • Funds received by the WSUCC are State of Washington funds derived from Service and Activity (S&A) Fees, which is a part of the tuition and fees each current WSU student pays. Because of such funding source, there are restrictions and procedures on how such state funds can be spent.
  • WSUCC will follow all established policies and procedures set forth by the State of Washington, Washington State University, and University Recreation.
  • The club treasurer will control and monitor all finances of the club under the direction of the president;
  • The executive board will meet to determine the amount of funds to be requested from University Recreation;
  • Upon recommendations by the Executive Board, only the club president and treasurer may request funds and are authorized to spend club money;
  • Recognized WSUCC members (full and associate) must be available to assist with all fundraising activities;
  • Dues will be collected at the first official club meeting at the beginning of April;
  • Each full member of WSUCC has the right to review the financial status of the club at any time;
  • In the event of dissolution of the club, any funds remaining in the treasury will be placed in the SCF Contingency Fund until the reestablishment of the club.

Article IX. Affiliations and Competitions

  • In accordance with WSU Sports Club Federation rules, WSUCC will be a stand alone entity in order to ensure club's current funding structure, access to facilities and good standing within the WSU Sport Club Federation.
  • The Northwest governing Body for the WSUCC is the North West Cricket League (NWCL) - www.nwcl.org.
  • The National governing body for the WSUCC is the USA Cricket Association (USACA) - www.usaca.org.
  • The International governing body for the WSUCC is the International Cricket Council (ICC) - www.icc-cricket.com.
  • WSUCC participates in the annual NWCL league and playoff games.

Article X. Coach/Instructor

  • A coach/instructor will be selected by the WSUCC Executive Board only after following a local and regional search and interview process
  • The coach must meet the following qualifications:
  • Knowledge of the sport and ability to teach both fundamentals and advanced strategies and techniques of the game;
  • Experience in administration and development of a team as well as player recruitment;
  • Experience in conditioning and physical education;
  • Strong personality with good communication skills.
  • The duties of the coach are as follows:
  • Promote good sportsmanship;
  • Always show respect for opponents and referees and expect the same from players;
  • Encourage all players to develop their skills and abilities;
  • Be familiar with current ICC rules, NWCL rules and WSU SCF policies;
  • Ensure the safety of themselves and players at all times;
  • Motivate players with praise and avoid discouraging players with criticism;
  • Schedule practice times with consent of the club president;
  • Attend all club and Executive Board meetings;
  • Recognize, develop and promote skills and sportsmanship in all players.
  • The appointment of the coach will be in effect for a period of no longer than one year from the date of hire, at the end of which, the Executive Board will review the coach's performance to date in order to determine the renewal or nonrenewal of the coaching appointment.
  • Compensation for the WSUCC coach will be decided upon by the Executive Board.

Article XI. Amendments

  • Amendments to the WSUCC constitution may be proposed by any recognized full member of WSUCC at any of the bi-weekly club meetings.
  • In order for a proposal to be discussed, it must first be brought to the attention of the club president prior to the meeting at which it will be addressed so that it can be included in the meeting's agenda. This notification to the president may be done through email or over the phone.
  • All proposed changes to the WSUCC constitution will be voted on by the full members in a manner that is similar to voting for elected members.
  • The WSUCC constitution will be reviewed and resubmitted to the WSU Sport Club Council for approval every two years.

Article XII. Ratification

  • Ratification of WSUCC constitution will require approval from the WSUCC executive board and the Sport Club Coordinator. In addition, ratification of the WSUCC constitution requires a two-thirds approval by the recognized full members of WSUCC.
  • This constitution will be presented to, and reviewed by, the recognized full members of the WSUCC at the first club meeting.

Article XIII. Standards of Conduct

  • The WSUCC will not conspire to engage in hazing, or commit any act that causes, or is likely to cause, bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person attending the institution.
  • If any member of the WSUCC appears to be intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs, including performance-enhancing drugs, prior to any WSUCC sponsored event, that member will be asked to leave immediately and be subject to a disciplinary hearing by the WSUCC Executive Board.
  • The WSUCC encourages fair play and friendly sportsmanship during practices and contests. All members will sign the WSUCC Sportsmanship Pledge declaring their understanding of the importance of conducting themselves in a proper manner. Any sportsmanship issues with members will be dealt with by the WSUCC Executive Board.


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