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If you have further questions, please contact the club at cycling@wsu.edu.

Do I need my own equipment?

The short answer is yes.  The team, and some members have equipment available for loan, but for the most part the equipment needs to be provided by the rider.  Helmets are required for all rides.  Cold weather cycling gear is recommended for early spring races and crazy Pullman weather. Assistance can be provided in selecting the appropriate equipment (bike, clothing, etc...) if you are looking and need help.

How are the races organized?

Road Season:

Every race is organized as a stage race.  There are three races per weekend, a mass start Road Race, a Criterium, and a Team Time Trial.  Within each of these races, men and women are broken down into categories by speed.  For men, there are four categories: D, C, B, and A.  For women, there are three categories: C, B, and A.


Each race day has several races broken down by category, with most races having several categories racing simultaneously (but scored separately). Collegiate categories are typically combined, meaning there is only one Womens' Collegiate category and one Mens' Collegiate category. Racers with full USAC licenses may also elect to race in the race for their respective USAC category, thus racing more than once on a given day.

How do I join WSU Cycling?

Send an email to cycling@wsu.edu expressing your interest in the team.  Then go to www.sportclubmanager.wsu.edu, login, and request to be a member of our team.

In addition, you may visit our Facebook page, here

How hard are the races?

The difficulty of races largely depends on the category.  Men's categories are split into A, B, C, and D and women's categories are split into A, B, and C.  The C and D categories race at a moderate pace and is mostly reserved for beginners.  B and A categories are substantially faster. If you've never raced before you will start in the lowest category and work your way up.

How much does it cost to be a member of WSU Cycling?

Annual team dues are $25. They can be paid online at www.sportclubmanager.wsu.edu (once you have logged in and been approved to be on the team), or they can be paid directly to one of our officers, cash or check accepted. Race season fees are $100 per race season/discipline (Road and Cyclocross are two separate seasons). Members who race will also need a current collegiate ($45) or full ($70) USAC license.

I'm an entry level cyclist. Can I join the team?

Yes!  The Cycling Club encourages riders of all levels to join our team. The practices are set up to meet the needs of each individual rider, and races in the spring are separated into beginner through advanced racing categories. This allows inexperienced riders to learn the ropes of racing, while still providing a competitive atmosphere. Additionally, joining a team gives you an opportunity to learn about the sport from more experienced members and enjoy the camaraderie of a caring team environment.

If I travel with the team to race, will I be spending a lot of money on gas and hotels?

No!  To supplement the $100 racing season fee which each racer pays, the Cycling Club does enough fundraising during the year so that the team is usually able to cover the cost of gas and entry-fees for our travel races.  We also try to get "home-stays" for these races, which cut down on the cost of hotels.  Really, the primary cost that each team member is responsible for on these weekends is their own food (University Recreation rules prohibit the club from paying for member food). Any one who races knows that costs can quickly add up, but the club does all it can to minimize your cost to race.

What if I don't want to race?

That's fine!  Racing is not a requirement for membership. Come join us for club events, rides, and just to hang out.

When does the Cycling Club meet for practices?

The WSU Cycling Cub typically meets for practices on Saturdays (at 10:00am) and Sundays (typically at 10:00am) during the school year, and sometimes during the Summers as well.  We meet for these group rides at the Thomas Hammer coffee shop in downtown Pullman for 30 minutes before ride time (to socialize and have coffee). We'll often have a group ride on Thursday evening as well, and sometimes even jump in on the PBR (Palouse Bike Racing) "Wild Wednesday" ride over in Moscow.

When does the Cycling Club race?

The Cycling Club currently races in two disciplines. Road racing is in the spring: collegiate competition starts in early March and lasts through the end of April. Cyclocross is in the fall: competition starts in September or October, and typically runs into December.

If you have further questions, please contact the club at cycling@wsu.edu.


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