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Q: Is lacrosse a NCAA sport at Washington State?

We are not a NCAA sport, however we are an intercollegiate sport. Every year we try to improve the program on and off the field. As lacrosse continues to grow on a national and regional level,  varsity lacrosse could eventually be a reality at Washington State University.

Q: So why would anyone want to play lacrosse at Washington State?

There are many good reasons to play at Washington State. First, this is a great place to get a college education. WSU consistently ranks among the best for both academics and student life. The city of Pullman offers a unique college experience. You get all of the positives of going to a large university but get to experience life in a college town.

Second, Washington State Lacrosse provides a very competitive lacrosse experience on a national scale. Our student-athletes are expected to dedicate themselves to the team, but they are given the time and latitude to focus on their academics and extra curricula. Players are expected to work as hard in the classroom as they do on the field. 

Q: How does playing in the MCLA at Washington State differ from playing NCAA lacrosse at other schools?

Our philosophy here at Washington State is that we want to do whatever it takes to compete at the highest level possible and represent the University in the best possible way. Therefore, we look and act like a NCAA program at practice and during games and we require our student-athletes to work hard to achieve team and individual goals.

While we expect all of our team members to be 100% committed to the team, we understand that academics come first. Just like our varsity counterparts here at Washington State, our student-athletes take great pride in representing their university and themselves in the best possible way. They work very hard toward team and personal goals. Playing lacrosse here is a big commitment and a tremendously valuable experience.

Q: Who does the team play?

Washington State is a member of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA), the largest lacrosse league in the world. The MCLA is made up of approximately 215 teams in 10 conferences that represent virtually every region of the country. WSU is a member of the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League (PNCLL) with 9 DI teams and 10 DII teams throughout the pacific northwest. Other conferences include the WCLL (Northern California), Pioneer League (Northeast), the SELC (Southeast), the GRLC (Midwest/MO area), the Lonestar Alliance (Texas), the UMLL (Upper Midwest), the RMLC (Rocky Mountains), the CCLA (Midwest/MI area) and the SLC (Southwest).

Washington State’s regular season schedule usually includes many of the top MCLA programs. Teams like Oregon, USC, UCLA, Oregon State, and Simon Fraiser are regularly on the schedule. Washington State plays a 4 game PNCLL North divisional schedule. The team also goes down to Los Angeles every February for the Pac-12 shootout. In the fall, the team plays a game against the travels to different tournaments and scrimmages in the NorthWest

Q: Is there a post-season tournament?

Yes. There are 2 post season tournaments. The PNCLL tournament is in late April and the MCLA National Tournament is in the middle of May. The winner of the PNCLL tournament, along with the champions of the 9 other conferences, gets an automatic bid to the MCLA National Tournament. Six other at-large bids are decided on by a MCLA tournament committee.

Q: Does Washington State Lacrosse offer scholarships or assistance with admissions?

As a MCLA program, the Washington State Lacrosse team does not provide scholarships or have influence over the admissions process. Student-athletes interested in attending Washington State should contact the admissions office for application and financial aid information.

Q: What is the practice schedule and how should I setup classes or work to accommodate lacrosse?

While we do not have annually regular practice schedules you are expected to be at every practice and game. Typically practices will be in the afternoon when classes have stopped for the day so do not worry about fitting you classes around practice.

Q: How do I join the team?

There are a 2 ways to join this team. The first way is to be recruited. For more information on this go to our Recruiting tab on the right and fill out the Recruit Questionnaire. The second way is to contact coaches once you enroll in school. Ideally the team will carry 40-45 players. We are looking for athletes that arrive in shape with solid lacrosse skills, the potential to contribute to the team for 4 years, and a winning attitude. With the team becoming increasingly competitive we are looking for players who will make a four year commitment.

Q: How much will it cost to play?

We estimate the cost per player will be approximately $1,200 dollars. Many other MCLA lacrosse programs can charge up to $5,000 dollars to play. If money is an issue for you there are 2 options. Fundraising is a big part of the team and you can get help from that. The Washington State Lacrosse Parent Board also gives out a couple of lacrosse scholarships each season. Dues are the lifeblood of this team, but we have a philosophy here that money issues should never keep anyone from playing.

Q: Do you recruit?

Yes. Our coaches are actively looking for new players to come to Washington State. If you are interested in being recruited go to the Recruiting tab on the left and fill out the Recruit Questionnaire.

Q: Does WSU support the program financially?

Washington State University supports the program in many ways. First, WSU allows us to be on campus. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. This is something we can’t take for granted. Second, we are allowed to use the WSU Cougar logos. Once again, the University doesn’t have to allow us to do that. Third, the University allows us to use fields and Rec trainers. Unfortunately the University doesn't support us financially.


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