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Photos used with permission from WSU Libraries - Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (M.A.S.C.) (4/4/2008)

The above photos show that soccer has been played here at Washington State University (WSU) since 1914, and maybe even prior to that. Soccer is an international game, so when WSU began attracting scholars from all over the world, it was only natural that soccer would have a strong presence at WSU. It is not known when a soccer club began unofficially meeting at WSU, but the photos below show a soccer team getting together in April of 1960.

Photos used with permission from WSU Libraries - M.A.S.C. (4/4/2008)

An article retrieved from the Pullman Herald in December of 1962 (see article) describes how a group of international and local students, led by Per Engelstad of Trondheim Norway, approached the university to request funds in order for them to compete intercollegiately. Both the Department of Athletics and Board of Activities declined their request for funds and were instead referred to the Board of Recreation who agreed to purchase equipment under the condition that it would be shared with the entire student body. The Student Activities Board then gave the soccer club official recognition for one year, with the option of continuing recognition at the close of the year (see letter). On October 22, 1962, the WSU Soccer Club was formed.

The following is a list of the 29 man roster of the first Soccer Club at WSU and the country in which they were from:

Guliano Verdina, Italy
Anil Parulkar, India
Roy Myhill, Wales
Dominique Mermier, France
Michel Prugnaud, France
Ekif Fredericksen, Norway
Paul Dietrickson, Norway
Per Engelstad, Norway
Miguel Rojas, Chile
Mohamed Abdo, Jordan
Klaus Vorderwulbecke, Germany
Martin Primke, Germany
Stuart Laurie, Scotland
Harald Kreuzer, Austria
Arturo Rojas, Mexico
George Antypas, Greece
Bob Scheidtmann, U.S.A.
Mike Daly, U.S.A.
David Spencer, U.S.A.
Tore Dybfest, U.S.A.
Dick Knutsen, U.S.A.
Al Quist, U.S.A.
Michael Horton, Denmark
Adrian Spaans, Holland
Bob Murray, England
Samuel Mompongo, Congo
Frank Taysi, Turkey
Kim Young, Korea
Won Koh, Korea

The following are photos from the 1967-1968 Club Soccer Team. Thank you to WSU Libraries - M.A.S.C. for permission to use these photos.

Compiled and written by Luis Sanchez (Soccer Club 2005 - 2009)


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