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Challenge Ladder

Now that we have a ranking list, you may now start to play challenge matches.
> Here's how they work.
-Challenger A must notify Challenger B either through e-mail or by phone.
-Challenger A has the right to make up any scoring rules he/she desires for the
match. As long as Challenger B accepts it. It can be played in one set, best two
out of three sets, best three out of five sets, a regular set to 6, a pro set to
8, etc. As a reminder, if anyone has questions on scoring, feel free to contact me.

> -Once both challengers accept the type of match, Challenger A must then notify
the vice president, preferably by e-mail, that the match will be played. Let
them know who you are, your current ranking, who you are challenging, and their
current ranking. You do not have to tell the vice president when and where the
match is played unless you want to. However, please set a time as soon as
possible between you and your opponent. Therefore, other challengers can get the
same opportunity to work their way up.


-For Challenger A to be able to challenger Challenger B, you must be within a
certain amount of spots. If you are ranked 15th or below on the ladder, you can
challenge a maximum of 5 spots ahead of yourself. If you are ranked higher than 15th,
you can only challenge 3 spots ahead of yourself. For example, if you are at the 15th spot, you can challenge #14, #13, up to #10.


-If Challenger B beats Challenger A, the rankings do not change for either
person. Also, Challenger A must wait exactly one week (7 days) before they can challenge anyone or that same person again if they chose to do so.


-If Challenger A beats Challenger B, Challenger A claims Challenger B's spot.
Then Challenger B moves down one spot as does the rest of the ladder. For
examples, if #15 beats #10, #15 takes #10's spot, #10 moves to #11, #11 to #12, and so on.


-The vice president will take challenge matches and scores on first come, first
serve basis. Then he/she will update the ladder accordingly.


-If you did not play in the ranking tournament but want your name added to the challenge ladder, contact our vice president or president at clubtennis@wsu.edu


-Ladders can also be seen at practices.

-An updated roster with contact information will be available soon as well.
Again, if you need contact information regarding matches, contact Ian or Grant. 


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